Physiotherapy for children

Physiotherapy for children


1992 - 1995. Limbazi Secondary School.
1996 – 2000. Latvian Medical Academy - Faculty of Rehabilitation. Received a bachelor's degree in health and a physiotherapy.
2004 – 2007. Riga Stradini University. Received a Master of Medical Science degree in the field of public health.

Work experience.

2000 - present. Children's Clinical University Hospital. Address: Vienības gatve 45, Riga. Physiotherapist in a rehabilitation clinic.
2008 - present. Private practice. Olivu street (Olīvu iela) 5А. Health house "Oliva".

Since 1999 I work at the Children's Clinical University Hospital, at the Rehabilitation Clinic. By speciality I am a Physiotherapist. In general the work is related with premature babies, other newborns and intensive care.
Also I work as outpatient, according to the program of dynamic observation - follow up. I advise parents and assess motor development of infants (age up to 1 year). In outpatient work, I assess (rate) motor development according to the Albert scale.

I have deep knowledge about the early development and treatment of children. I have many years of experience working with babies according to the Bobath method, also I have many years of experience in treating children with movement disorders.

Physiotherapy for children
In my work I observe professional ethics and communication culture. I work in good faith and maintain confidentiality. I use scientifically based methods and technologies of physiotherapy, approved in Latvia.

To help babies I use knowledge and alternatives. For example, I use and integrate elements of the Marte Meo method, or Emmi Pikler method for seriously ill children for whom the use of classical physiotherapy is limited. The application of these methods with the help of the environment contributes to the initiative (independence) of the child.

I regularly attend various courses and seminars. I am a member of the Latvian Association of Physiotherapists. In the past five years I have mastered the method of Marte Meo, gained new knowledge about the emotional development of the child. Each new method gives me a broader view on the development of the child as a whole.

Some certificates.

Physiotherapy certificate Kinesiology taping - certificate Marte Meo certificate